Mobile Friendly icon Master Site Agreements

SCLRC holds Master Agreements with our consortium sites. These Master Agreements, with regard to contract language (data ownership, confidentiality, publication, etc.), are standard across the network, and include approved language for each academic/medical center. Any differences in Master Agreements usually occur in the areas of publishing and indemnification. The SCLRC Master Agreement template is available to Sponsors for review upon request. For each clinical trial, SCLRC executes a study-specific Rider (or Work Order) with the selected site(s). Though we use a standard template for the Riders, Sponsors review and may contribute to the language in each Rider. We are flexible about customizing the protocol riders as long as the Sponsor keeps in mind that our ability to promise and deliver results with speed depends upon the protocol rider not requiring too many changes. Once a site executes a Master Agreement with SCLRC, sites are included in the consortium network.