"Our strategy is to expedite the start-up process for Sponsors, resulting in lowered costs and faster enrollment."


SCLRC Network
We carefully screen the sites in our network and continually evaluate these sites based on study performance.

Streamlined Contracting Process
SCLRC holds master contracts with our consortium sites. The contracting process for Sponsors is streamlined by negotiating a single contract and budget with SCLRC.

Site Selection that Supports Successful Enrollment
SCLRC has spent over 17 years developing relationships with our sites and tracking enrollment performance. We evaluate a Sponsor’s protocol, enrollment targets and timelines, then use our expertise to select the appropriate sites to support the Sponsor’s goals. Our strategy is to precisely match Sponsors with sites that will successfully enroll.

Expedited Start-Up
Our relationships with our sites gives us the advantage of knowing the “go to person” for study start-up activities. Our sites are experienced in meeting timelines for completing contracts and regulatory document submissions.

Single Point of Contact
We maintain a single point of contact for both Sponsors and Sites to support efficiency and effective communication.